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Interpretation of product installation considerations

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What is the role of fire dampers? In fact, many people do not know. As an indispensable fire protection facility for construction and installation, it plays an important role in preventing fire spread. It can be automatically shut down when the gas temperature in the pipeline reaches 70 °C in the event of fire, and it can meet the fire resistance in a certain period of time. Stability and fire integrity requirements, valves that are resistant to smoke and fire, prevent fires from spreading to other places through the ventilation ducts, and can effectively prevent the spread of fire.

However, because the fire damper is installed in the middle of the ventilation duct, it is usually invisible, and many people ignore it. In 2009, local public security fire departments randomly selected 363 pieces of 7 categories of fire protection products, and 287 were qualified by inspection. The average pass rate of sampling was 79.06%. The fire damper and smoke blasting valve of this spot check were serious. A total of 49 samples were inspected, and 15 were qualified. The sampling pass rate was only 30. 61%. With such a low pass rate, how does the fire damper function properly, and there are problems in the fire damper market in China? In this regard, HC Fire Network has connected Mr. Chen Youshan of Beijing Guangjian Zhenye Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd.

Regarding the counterfeit and shoddy phenomenon in the fire damper market, Mr. Chen believes that this is mainly because the manufacturers do not strictly follow the national standards for production. In addition, some manufacturers cut corners during production, such as using some tailings to produce, which are caused by fire dampers. The reason for the qualification.

Counterfeit and shoddy products affect the normal function of the fire damper, and the consequences are serious, but the correct installation of the fire damper will also affect the normal use of the fire damper. Mr. Chen mentioned that the current production and installation of fire dampers are different. The engineering team installed is of uneven technology, and a considerable number of installation engineering units do not have professional skills. They often use some during installation. Mandatory means, which will cause the product to deform and the function of the product to be lost or weakened.

When talking about China's current fire damper market, Mr. Chen mentioned that there are many manufacturers of fire dampers in China, and there are more than 100 in Beijing alone. However, these manufacturers are small enterprises, and there are no large enterprises that can play a leading role. The disorderly competition in the market is more serious. China's fire dampers have a unified standard, GB15930-2007 "fire dampers for building ventilation and smoke exhaust systems", but Mr. Chen believes that this standard is not enough in refinement. He mentioned that the fire damper standard only stipulates some general standards, but there is no uniform standard for the specific component standards, such as the thickness of the valve body. Mr. Chen mentioned that due to the current fire damper standards in China, there is no more detailed standard for the production and installation of fire dampers. “At present, most of the manufacturers in China generally produce according to the bill of lading of the project, which leads to the enterprise. Passive, can only produce products according to the requirements of the project, so that the company can not mass production, which has greatly hindered the rapid development of the company."

In addition, Mr. Chen also pointed out that since the fire damper is not the main product of the ventilation system, it is only installed in the pipeline, so it is often ignored by the relevant departments. He hoped that relevant departments could pay attention to the development of the fire damper market, improve the formulation of relevant standards for fire dampers, refine the standards, and make the technology uniform. This can more effectively promote the healthy development of China's fire damper market and reduce it to a certain extent. The emergence of counterfeit and shoddy products.

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