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Quality management becomes a real problem in valve development

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With the gradual deepening of global economic integration, China's economy is gradually merging with the world economy, and powerful foreign-funded enterprises have entered the Chinese valve market to seize a share. These foreign valve companies invisibly pose a certain threat to the Chinese valve market. The main competitor of the valve industry. As a production-experienced Chinese valve company, it has its own advantages in all aspects, but there are also obvious deficiencies - quality management!

The following is a brief analysis of the problem of the problem by the pneumatic regulator valve manufacturer:

Valves are indispensable fluid control equipment for petroleum, chemical, power station, metallurgical and other industries. With the continuous deepening of economic globalization, the quality requirements of stainless steel valve enterprises are getting higher and higher, and the quality problems such as leakage, leakage, and appearance quality of stainless steel valves are more prominent. How to improve the quality management level of enterprises quickly and effectively becomes a real problem in front of stainless steel valve entrepreneurs.

As far as the quality management is concerned, there are still many defects in the valve industry in China. First of all, the manufacturing process is more or less neglected. Many enterprises have a quality assurance system, but they are not used in actual work. The quality management is not carried out completely and freely. The assembly process is also sloppy and the assembly is unqualified. Just hard to mess together. In the paint process, it is also possible to save the province. If the paint has no standard, it will be self-determined. If the previous process of the accessory itself is not handled well, the paint will be used to cover the defect. Moreover, there is no strict check on the debugging of stainless steel valves, which causes the running, running, dripping and leaking phenomenon when some valves are just installed.

The gap between China's current production of valves and foreign countries is not terrible. As long as we adjust our development ideas, enhance our confidence, strengthen corporate quality management, attach importance to technological innovation and core technology research and development, improve our core competitiveness and play our part. The advantages of improving their own shortcomings, in the next development, I believe that China's stainless steel valve industry will be able to catch up with similar foreign companies, occupying a certain share in the world stainless steel valve market.

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