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Check valve series

Check valve series

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The check valve, also known as the check valve or the check valve, is opened and closed by the force of the medium flow, and its function is to prevent the medium in the pipeline from flowing back to prevent accidents.


1. The valve body and the valve cover are sealed by gaskets, which is easy to disassemble and maintain.

2. Swing-on structure, able to flexibly turn back

3. Swing-on structure allows the flap to adjust itself for better sealing

Instructions for use

1. As a device for automatically controlling the single flow direction of the medium on the pipeline, the opening and closing process of the valve flap is affected by the warm change of the medium flow state in the pipeline. If the check valve in the pipeline system is quickly closed, the pipeline system is closed. The pressure is rising rapidly. That is, a water hammer phenomenon that may damage the pipeline system is generated, and in order to prevent water hammer in the pipeline, a slow-closing check valve for preventing water hammer may be used.

2. The giant water check valve has internal and external thread and flange connection. The sealing test strictly implements the GB/T13927-1992 "General Valve Pressure Test" standard, and the pressure test is qualified before leaving the factory.

3, the installation of the valve must be carried out by qualified professionals, the different axial deviations of the two ends of the pipeline can not be too large, otherwise excessive pipeline installation stress will occur, resulting in failure and damage, pipe thread accuracy and effective length strictly enforce the IS0228 standard, When installing the screw, the hex or octagonal part of the same side of the thread should be clamped. The hexagonal or octagonal part of the other end of the valve should not be wrenched to avoid deformation of the valve. It should be sealed with Teflon tape or thread sealant. ,

4. To install the tightening valve, first use the corresponding torque wrench or pipe wrench, and screw in the effective thread length. Do not excessively cause the inner end surface to be pressed, causing the sealing surface to be damaged and leaking. To ensure the normal use of the valve, as far as possible Install filter at the inlet of the pipeline

5. When installing the flange check valve, ensure that the flange faces at both ends of the pipe are equal and coaxial, the spacing is suitable, and the screw holes are connected. It should not be too large, otherwise the valve installation quality and sealing performance will be affected.

6. Under the normal installation and use, the warranty period of this product is one year. During the warranty period, due to the quality itself, the service of “returning, replacing, repairing” is implemented.

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