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Brass ball valve series

Brass ball valve series

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The ball valve uses a ball with a circular through hole as an opening and closing member, and the ball rotates with the valve stem to realize a valve for opening and closing. The ball valve is evolved from a plug valve, also known as a ball plug valve. The opening and closing member of the ball valve acts as a sphere, and the ball is rotated and rotated 90 degrees around the axis of the valve stem to achieve opening and closing.


1. Suitable for frequent operation, quick and easy opening and closing

2. Small fluid resistance

3. Simple structure, relatively small volume, light weight, easy to repair

4. Good sealing performance

5. The flow direction of the medium can be arbitrary regardless of the installation direction.


The brass ball valve is mainly used to cut, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium in the fluid in the pipeline. The ball valve designed as a V-shaped opening also has a good flow regulation function.

Instructions for use

1. The ball valve is the control component that can quickly cut off and turn on the medium flow in the pipeline system. To ensure the safety of the person and property, the correct selection of the corresponding ball valve must be standardized installation, use and maintenance. The giant water copper ball valve has internal and external threads and cards. The sleeve, flange and hot-melt connection are widely used in water supply, gas, HVAC, oil circuit and other systems. The sealing test strictly implements the GB/T13927-1992 "General Valve Pressure Test" standard, and the pressure test is qualified before delivery and is supplied with gas. It is convenient to inspect the sealing performance on site before use.

2, the installation of the valve by the relevant qualified professionals, the different axial deviation of the two ends of the pipeline can not be too large, otherwise it will produce excessive pipeline installation stress, resulting in failure and damage, pipe thread accuracy and effective length strictly enforce IS0228 standard.

3. When installing the screw, the hex or octagonal part of the same side of the thread should be clamped. The hexagonal or octagonal part of the other end of the valve should not be wrenched to avoid deformation of the valve. Teflon tape or thread sealing glue is used. seal.

4. Install the tightening valve by using the corresponding torque wrench or pipe wrench, and screw in the effective thread length. Do not excessively cause the inner end surface to be pressed, causing the surface of the ball to be damaged and leaking. To ensure the normal use of the valve, as far as possible in the pipeline Install a filter,

5. The ball valve handle (handwheel) is designed according to the valve environment and the corresponding torque. Do not use the booster arm instead. In order to avoid damage to the valve due to excessive operating torque, excessive closing speed will produce a water hammer effect of instantaneous pressure multiplication. Frequent fluctuations in piping pressure or temperature will reduce their life and appropriate precautions should be designed.

6. The valve stem sealing packing is PTFE. If the corrosion leaks, the packing can be tightened to compensate the packing. The medium pressure must be removed to replace the packing. The refrigeration HVAC system ball valve first uses 1.6MPa (or above the nominal pressure) specification valve.

7. Under normal installation and use, the warranty period of this product is one year. During the warranty period, the quality itself is subject to the “return, replacement, repair” service.

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